Uncommon Love: A Fragrant Offering to God

Love is a powerful force that drives us to do extraordinary things. It compels us to act in ways that may seem irrational to others, but deep down, we understand its significance. As we embark on our journey to understand what God wants from us, we find solace in the simple yet profound words of Jesus. He tells us that our love is at the core of what God desires. God doesn’t force us to love Him; He wants us to want to love Him. Each one of us was created to worship Him, and even if we haven’t named it yet, we are all bowing down to something, giving our all to something or someone.

God Wants Your Love

Regardless of our doubts or uncertainties about God, one truth remains: we are all worshipping something. For those who have chosen to follow Christ, we have made the decision to give our worship to God, finding peace, satisfaction, and purpose in doing so. God’s desire is for us to love Him, and love is expressed through obedience. While there are over 600 commands in His Word, Jesus beautifully summarizes it all – “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.”

The Case of the Alabaster Jar

In the book of Mark, we encounter a woman who exhibits uncommon obedience and unashamed devotion to Jesus. While dining at the home of Simon the Leper, this woman enters unannounced and breaks an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, pouring it on Jesus’ head. People present criticize her, questioning why she would waste such valuable perfume instead of selling it to help the poor. However, Jesus defends her, appreciating her act of love and devotion.

Uncommon Obedience: Doing What God Asks

This woman’s act of breaking the jar and pouring out the perfume is uncommon and unsettling, just like her host’s healing from leprosy. Her obedience is rooted in gratitude, and her generosity stems from her thankfulness. God doesn’t want forced obedience but heartfelt love expressed through obedience.

Unashamed Devotion: Worshiping Without Regret

Despite the criticism she faced, this woman stays committed to her act of worship. When we worship God, people might not understand, and we may face judgment, but unashamed devotion keeps us strong. Criticism often stems from greed and envy, but true worship exposes our hearts and allows Jesus to defend us.

Unrelenting Surrender: Pouring Out Our Brokenness

This woman’s act of breaking the jar before pouring the perfume reveals a powerful truth – worshiping broken is still worshiping. God values our brokenness, and He blesses the brokenhearted. When we surrender to God, even from our brokenness, we pour out an aroma of praise that reaches the heavens.

A Fragrant Offering to God

Just like Mary’s act of love has been retold for over 2000 years, we, too, can offer a fragrant sacrifice of praise to God. Uncommon obedience, unashamed devotion, and unrelenting surrender are the cornerstones of our love for Him. As we love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, our lives become a beautiful offering, a fragrant aroma that testifies to His goodness and love for the world. Let us continue to worship broken, knowing that our broken jars still pour out praises to the One who conquered death and gives us eternal life.

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