Our Values

Our Mission Statement

New Life Church exists to lead people from where they are to where God is calling them.

The New Life Nine

The New Life Nine are nine values we use as a church to keep us on track in being the church God has called us to be.

Jesus: Is Our Message

The priority of New Life Church is to share the story of Jesus.  We believe the hope found in a relationship with Jesus changes everything.  Methods will come and go, but our message will remain the same… Jesus.

People: Are Our Passion

Jesus loves people, and so we love people. We make no apologies for being specifically focused on reaching those far from God. We desire to bring the broken home at all costs. We will always pursue people with passion.

Community: Is Our Calling

We believe life is better in community. Connection is a powerful thing, and our hope is to provide avenues for you to find connections through community at New Life.

Generosity: Is Our Privilege

Generosity is about giving more than is required.  We believe generosity is an opportunity rather than an obligation.  We’re generous with our time, talents and treasure. We go first in our giving. God has given richly towards us, it’s our privilege to give back to Him.

Honor: Is Our Default

Honor is never silent. We honor one another and value the people around us. We choose joyfully to submit to those God has placed over us. We honor and care for those God has placed under us.

Serving: Is Who We Are

Saved people serve people.  We follow the example Christ gave us that we are here not to be served but to serve.  If you are to big to serve than you are too small to lead. From the parking lot to the pulpit, everyone serves. Every role is different but they are all important.

Excellence: Is Our Spirit

We are always going to do the best with what we have. We’re on time, engaged and prepared. We don’t do things half way. If we’re gonna do it, it’s to the best of our ability.

Faith: Is Our Posture

We will be a church that always chooses the faith journey over the safe journey. We will remain mobile in pursuing the purpose God is calling us to.

Celebration: Is Our Response

We believe the gospel and life change is worth celebrating every chance we get. We will celebrate loud and celebrate often.