October 28, 2023

12:00 pm

October Must-Do for Teens! We are attending this year's Scaremare event put on by Liberty University students in Lynchburg, VA! This is a unique presentation to confront young people with the question "What happens after I die?" Students will walk through creepy trails, dark woods, and a fun-house filled with rooms portraying scenes of the world that bring death. This all leads them to The House, pointing them to hope and life found in Jesus. We are looking forward to this day spent together, and the memories made! We promise it's not that scary! The light of truth is presented in the best way, you don't want to miss it! We will take vans from AFHS to Liberty University in VA (2.5 hr drive). We will stop for dinner, and head to the event that opens at 7:30pm. Return time is estimated as lines are often long. More exact times will be texted out on the way home. (*No bags allowed in the event, but belongings can be locked in the vans.)